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We continue today as we began. All of our products are proudly produced from the finest fruits and spices available. Homemade products are our tradition.

Apple Cider Jelly, Cherry Preserve, Strawberry Rhubarb Preserve & Sampler Trio

We continue today as we began: homemade products are our tradition. All Louisburg Cider Mill Jellies and Preserves are proudly produced onsite from the finest, freshest fruits and highest–quality spices available.  

Apple Cider Jelly is a sweet, robust blend of signature Louisburg Cider Mill 100% Apple Cider, spices, juices, and pectin.

1/2 pint jar.

Cherry Preserve packs ripe, whole cherries in fresh cherry juices for the perfect burst of flavor in every spoonful. 

1/2 pint jar.

Strawberry Rhubarb Preserve combines ripe, sweet strawberries with the tangy notes of rhubarb for a deliciously complex flavor. 

Sampler Trio is the perfect gift set for all occasions containing Louisburg Cider Mill Cherry Preserve, Strawberry Rhubarb Preserve, and Apple Cider Jelly presented in an attractive box. 

Quantity: 12 1/2 pint jars per case of Jelly or Preserves. 

Quantity: 12  3-packs 1/2 pint jars per case of Sampler Trio.

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