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History Gallery

Pressing Barn

This barn was one of two structures that were on the property when Emmett O’Rear bought the farm in 1975. It is believed to have been built in the late 1800’s.scribe your image


This house was the original farmhouse of the 80 acre property. The location of the house was originally where the Country Store now sits, and in this photo you can see that the land was being cleared around the house for the building of Phase 1.

The beginning of the current Country Store

This shows the initial construction of the Country Store. In the background, you can see the Cider Mill barn, which in the early days was both the processing barn and the store.

Building of Country Store

Additional photos of Phase 1 of the erection of the Country Store (1978).

Tom Schierman

Since the very beginning, the apple cider donut has been an important part of the success of the Louisburg Cider Mill. Tom pictured here making the donuts in the Cider Mill barn. (Circa 1978)

Emmett O'Rear

In the early days before the Country Store was built, the barn served not only as the pressing facility, but also the retail store. In this photo, Emmett O’Rear is working behind the counter which was where the viewing windows are now.


Tom and Shelly in the early years, living the farm life.

Tom with an early press truck

Tom posing in front of the first rack and cloth press that was used at the Cider Mill. This press was installed in 1977, just before the first pressing season.

Shelly Schierman

Shelly also posing in front of their first press in 1977.

original apple press

This is the first press used at the Cider Mill. In this photo, you can see the juice being expressed and flowing from the tray. (Circa 1978)

Tom pumpin apple mesh

In the early days, the rack and cloth press was excluisively used to make the juice. In this picutre, Tom is pumping apple mash onto the cloth. Many layers of this would be stacked before it would be pneumatically pressed and the juice express.

Shelly with crates of apples

In the early days, before the unloading pit that is now in use, crates of apples would be brought to the property and unloaded into the Cider Mill one at a time. Shelly seen here checking the quality of the apples to be pressed.

Shelly in front of pressing barn

This photo of Shelly was used for a magazine publication covering the new business.

Shelly posing with old apple press

In the early ’80s, Shelly was often utilized for promotional or informational pieces about the Louisburg Cider Mill.

Schiermans and Bosworths

The Schierman and Bosworth families, in the early years at the Cider Mill.

Labor Day Parade in Louisburg

This is an early photo of what has become an annual tradition. Every year the Louisburg Cider Mill participates in the Louisburg Labor Day Parade. (Circa 1981)

New Carbonator

Pictured with an early piece of carbonation equipment are Dave Bosworth, Mary O’Rear, Jason Bosworth and Tom Schierman. This equipment helped to carbonate the early sparkling cider beverages, and later the Lost Trail craft sodas.


Before a permanent stage was built, a temporary stage was assembled every year to kick off Ciderfest and the Fall seasonal activities.


Every year since 1978, Ciderfest has been the kickoff for all of our Fall activities. Along with Arts & Crafts vendors, there is music, dancing and plenty of good food to eat. This photo was taken some time in the early ’80s.


By the early ’80s, it was already time for an addition to the retail store. The framing seen here is what became the easternmost part of what is still today our Country Store. (Circa 1982)


Tom pictured in front of the Country Store as the addition was being installed. (Circa 1982)


Even in the early days, the popularity of Ciderfest made it a big local attraction. As the Country Store grew, so did Ciderfest. (Circa 1988)

Emmett and Mary ORear-Family

After a decade of working in the business they founded, Emmett and Mary O'Rear retired to Florida, leaving the company's management to their daughter Shelly and her husband, Tom.


Emmett O'Rear

Louisburg Cider Mill Apple Cider Donut Case

Modern day photo of old-time goodness. If you come visit the Cider Mill Country Store today, you will find donuts made fresh every day–housed in the same donut case you would have found them in 1977.


From the beginning, Tom and Shelly were integral not only in the creation of the brand, but in its promotion as well. Seen here in New York City at Bloomingdale’s, promoting an early version of their sparkling cider and other products. (Circa 1988)

Tom in the office

Tom waiving next to bookshelf Tom pictured in his office in the mid-90s.


We continue as we began, to make the best cider in the country.

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