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Pioneer Basket

Pioneer Basket

Excluding Sales Tax

You've got the perfect picnic basket all ready to go.

But what about the snacks?


Don't worry; we've got you covered! Our Pioneer Basket is packed with a wide selection of best-selling snacks and beverages, including two bottles of our smooth-tasting Lost Trail Root Beer and Cream Soda, and our Lost Trail Root Beer Mug. There’s a Lost Trail Trail Mix Snack, a Hot’ N Spicy Snack, one amazing Popcorn Cob, and a container of chocolate-covered sunflower seed. Also, be ready to enjoy a delightful assortment of these delicious snacks chosen by our Country Store staff based on seasonal availability. Feel free to call us if you want to know what this season’s selections are!

- (2) 12 oz bottles Lost Trail Root Beer

- (2) 12 oz bottles Lost Trail Cream Soda,

- Glass Lost Trail Root Beer Mug 

- 6 oz bag of Lost Trail Trail Mix Snack

- 5 oz bag of Hot’ N Spicy Snack

- Popcorn Cob

- Chocolate-covered Sunflower Seeds

- Assorted Snacks

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