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Hickory BBQ Sauce – 12 oz. Glass Bottle

Louisburg Cider Mill Hickory BBQ Sauce

This sauce offers the delicious flavor of hickory to enhance your food. The hickory flavor comes from a tree that bears edible nuts. One such nut is the pecan, a smooth brown nut with an edible kernel similar to a walnut. Seldom separated, hickory and pecan are in the same family, just different species and are almost always sold as the same thing. There’re 4 species of true hickory (pignut, shellbark, shagbark and mockernut) and 4 species of pecan hickory (water, bitternut, pecan and nutmeg). The true hickory is a little stronger than pecan hickory. Now you know.

#345 – 12 oz. Glass Bottle

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