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Cider Donut Mix Set

Louisburg Cider Mill Cider Donut Mix Set

For years, our customers have dropped by The Louisburg Cider Mill Country Store to enjoy our warm, fresh Apple Cider Donuts. We receive so many requests for our Cider Donut recipe from those of you that can’t make it by that we’ve put together what you will need to create our Cider Donuts at home. Here’s a delicious 1/2 gallon jug of Louisburg Apple Cider, a 2-pound bag of our own special Cider Donut Mix and a 1.75 oz. packet of Apple Pie Spice. Your family will be lickity-split into the kitchen to find out what is creating that yummy aroma! If you don’t have a donut plunger or a donut pan, we offer both on our “Cookware & Cookbooks” page.


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