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Fruit Butter Sampler Trio – Three Half Pint Glass Jars

Louisburg Cider Mill Cider Fruit Butter Sampler Set

The overwhelming popularity of our Apple Butter led us to create two new Butter flavors. Then, so many of our customers wanted to sample all three Butters that we were persuaded to create this Butter Sampler Trio. It contains a 1/2 pint jar of our original Apple Butter, and also includes 1/2 pint each of our latest Butter treats: Pumpkin Butter and Peach Butter. It is a wonderful addition to toast in the morning and so nice to send to friends. Now we have complaints that customers can’t decide which flavor they like the best… That’s a problem we certainly don’t mind having!

#237-B — Three 1/2 pt. Glass Jars

Price = $14.95

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