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Louisburg Cider Mill Barn

Years ago our 120-plus-year-old barn was no more than a neglected hay barn in a rural Kansas field. We spent the summer of ’77 restoring the barn and in September we bottled our first jug of Louisburg Cider Mill Apple Cider.

Back then, we ran the entire operation out of that barn. As customers would come in and ask for cider, we would hotfoot it back behind the east wall and fill as many jugs as they wanted out of a bulk tank with a spigot.

Today, the renovated, classic, old hay barn and its attendant 80 acres is still where we press our apples and has become the hallmark of our business.

In the summer of 1978, we bought a neighbor’s barn, reconstructed it next to our original barn, and converted it into a Country Store.We filled it with products to complement our original fresh apple cider.

Our products retain their delicious “down home” character and most agree that’s because they’re made with the best of ingredients and old-fashioned pride. We’re sure you will be doing your friends a favor when you give them gifts from the Louisburg Cider Mill. Just be sure to save some for yourself.

Tom & Shelly Schierman


Open 7 Days a Week

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14730 K68 Highway, Louisburg, KS 66053

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