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Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch

FAQ: Pumpkin & Corn Maze–Frequently Asked–Questions

Q: What should I wear to the pumpkin patch & corn maze?
A: It’s best to wear long pants and tennis shoes for your trip through the corn maze.

Q: What should I bring to the pumpkin patch & corn maze?
A: Water to stay hydrated. At night, a flashlight can be very helpful to get through the maze. Bug spray & sunblock also come in handy.

Q: What is the goal of the maze?
A: The object of the game is to find the letters hidden throughout the maze. Once you find all letters, try to unscramble them to spell a word that relates to this year’s corn maze theme. You may choose to enter your correct answer in a drawing for a special prize each week!

Q: How long does it take to get through the maze?
A: It varies. If you are an advanced maze navigator and don’t play the word scramble game it can be done in about 20 minutes. To find all of the letters in the word scramble it takes most navigators 30-45 minuntes.

Q: Is there food and drink for sale at the pumpkin patch and maze?
A: Yes, there is a concession stand with food and beverage options at the maze.

Q: May we bring our own food and drink?
A: Yes! You are welcome to bring your own food and drink. We have a large picnic area for your convenience. If you would like to roast marshmallows or hot dogs at the night time bonfire please bring your own utensils.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept cash, credit, debit and checks with a driver’s license number.

Q: Are dogs allowed at the pumpkin patch & maze?
A: Yes, if they are on a leash and friendly.

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